Acupuncture for Infertility

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Recent Successful cases:

(We do not put the clients' names on because of confidentiality. We just pick up and paste a small number of successful cases they liked to share with the others.)
  • (2016-2-17)"Hi Jenny, I meant to tell you sooner. I had a baby girl (you were right!). On Feb 7th. She is small - born 6lbs 1 oz. we are all doing well.-Cx"

  • (2016-6-23)"Jenny my FSH went from 101 to 25! And it looks like I may have three follicles! Unbelievable! I will bring the results and will see you tomorrow.-Lx (47yrs old, 3 times trials of IVF IUI, no follicle found)"

  • (2016-8-25)"Hi, Dr Zhang, Thank you so much for your care, I just had lovely health baby boy yesterday after many years struggle.Here is a picture in attached.-Xx"

  • (2016-Christmas)"Hi Jenny, Merry Christmas! Please find below my testimonial for the website..."
    "My husband and I started trying to conceive in September 2009 but were not having any luck. We went through comprehensive testing and were diagnosed with 'unexplained fertility.' We then went through multiple rounds of Clomid and IUI but were not able to conceive. Ultimately, we decided to proceed with IVF. I started treatment with Jenny in January 2010, prior to and during my first IVF treatment. The first attempt was successful and my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby boy. We decided to try IVF again and had a baby girl. I am convinced that the IVF would not have been successful had we not incorporated the acupuncture treatment. Jenny greatly helped in getting my mind and body ready for the grueling IVF process. She was so so accommodating in scheduling acupuncture treatments prior to and following embryo transfer and timing treatment so as to maximize the efficacy of the IVF drugs etc. I am so so grateful for my beautiful children and I know that Jenny played a huge role in the success of the IVF.
    Following the birth of both kids, I continued with regular acupuncture treatments to help my cycle get back to normal. I also receive regular treatments for menstrual migraines and the treatments have been very effective. Jenny's warm and caring demeanor were such a support for me throughout my fertility issues and I can't imagine going through the ups and downs of infertility and IVF without her support and encouragement. I've been a regular patient of Jenny's since January 2010 and plan on remaining so for many years to come.-Ax"

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